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Tribal Area,Fars
The Fars Province is a home to many tribes that comprise of about 10 thousand families in total. These tribes are the Qashqaie, Khamseh, Boyer-Ahmadi and Mamasani. The life styles of these tribes have always attracted tourists to Iran. The summer residing quarters (cooler regions) where Qashqaie tribes move to frequently in summer is in the extreme northern sections of the Kamfirooz region, extending from Tavileh Band and Garmeh to Brujen.
The Khamseh tribes make use of the lands to the east of this area, from Marvdasht to Bovanat. On the other hand, in winter, the Qashqaies migrate to the southern parts of the province, as their winter residing quarter, such as, Firooz Abad, Maymand, Bushgan, etc. At the same time, the Khamsehs occupy vast areas in the east and southeast of the province including Fasa, Jahrom, Darab and Lar.
The Mohammad Abad Village (in Eqleed), Dozdkar Village(in Sepeedan), Bardaneh Village(in Darab) and other villages such as Khosrow-va-Shirin, Qotb Abad and Qalat subdivision have charming rural settings surrounded by interesting plants and watersheds or springs.

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