Tribes and Tribal Passageways, Kerman

Tribes and Tribal Passageways, Kerman
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Tribes and Tribal Passageways, Kerman
The tribal life-style can be considered as one of the very interesting characteristics of this province, especially so in relation to tourist activities in the Province of Kerman. The tribes of Kerman are in the vicinities of the skirts of the mountains such as Pareez, Kooh Panj, Chehel Tan, Beed Khoon, Kooh Shah, Kooh Hezar and the Sarudieh mountains. But in winters they scatter within the limits of Bandar Abbas and Minab. The tribes of the province can be divided into three groups, these being the nomads, semi-nomads and the somewhat permanent settlers. The first group is engaged in animal husbandry, and thereby in summers is stationed in the cool and pleasant mountainous areas while in winters move to warmer regions.
The tribes of Sirjan, Baft and Jiroft account for this group. The semi-nomads are the locals of Jiroft township terretories (the Kahnooj area and the Barez Mountain Ranges) and local tribes of Bam. The third group or permanent settlers are in the vicinity of Shahr-e-Babak, in areas such as Deh-e-Shatran, Mahand, Pa Qalleh and around Jowzu. In winter the said are in the villages and in the spring and summer months graze their herds in the mountainous regions.
The tribal paths are as follows: The Delfard Pass, which the tribes of Sarduieh use to cross, ends in the plains of Jiroft and Roodbar. The route of the Baft and Jiroft tribes is from the Esfandaqeh Pass.
Whereas the Dasht-e-Ab Pass pertains only to the tribes of Baft and from here they gain access to the plains of Arzoieh, Soqan, Kallashgard and Jiroft, a group of them get to the coastal areas of Hormozgan via the Kooh Shah Ahmadi. The Chah Qal’eh and Poozeh Khoon Pass is the path of the tribes of Sirjan, which prolongs till the coastal regions.

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