Weekly Bazaars, Gilan

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Weekly Bazaars, Gilan
These bazaars are held on certain day of the week, and more so in the smaller cities and large villages. Here poultry, meat and other commodities can be bought.
The most important weekly bazaars of the province are:
The SaturDay bazaar in Masal, Lulman, Anzali, Lasht Nesha, Dehshal and Langerood
The SunDay bazaar in Someeh Sara, Gasht, Roodkhan, Khammam, Peerbast, Lulman, Koochesfahan and Roodsar.
The MonDay bazaar in Kapur Chal, Ziabar, Shaft, Sangar, Hindkhaleh, Khoskbeejar, Astaneh, Siyahkal, and Rahim Abad
The TuesDay bazaar in Parehsar, Fooman, Lasht Nesha and Amlash.
The WednesDay bazaar in Rezvan Shahr, Kasma, Zeedeh, Chukam, Peerbast, Lulman, Koochesfahan and Langerood.
The ThursDay bazaar in Seyed Sharaf Shah, Taher Goorab, Zarmeekh and the FriDay bazaar and the permanent bazaar on the borders of Astara.

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