Western Mountains, Talesh (Hashtpar)

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Western Mountains, Talesh (Hashtpar)
Extending from the Astara river valley to the Manjil gorge, the western mountain ranges of Gilan encompass the heights of Talesh, Masooleh and Poshtkooh. The steep eastern slopes, covered with forests, overlook the Gilan plains and the Caspian Sea. The mountains form a barrier between the Caspian Sea and Azarbayjan, withholding water vapors and not allowing their entrance into the Azarbayjan region.
Important peaks are “Baqrood” with an altitude of 3,197 m. and “Masooleh Daq” with an altitude of 3,050 m. In winter rain and snowfall are so severe, that even the summer heat is unable to melt the snow. Natural glaciers are formed due to the abundance of snow, of which the largest is on the “Baqroo Daq” in “Gorgan Rood River” basin and the Noor Lake. Another colossal glacier is the eastern Talesh glacier which has a spectacular view.

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