Yazd Bazaar

Yazd Bazaar
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Yazd Bazaar
Yazd’ s bazaar is one of the oldest and most interesting historical places of the central Iranian town. It is commensurably equal in significance and grandeur with the Yazd grand mosque. The bazaar is a major center for bargain and the exchange of goods. Though in ruins , the remnant bazaar’s niches and domes are a reminiscent of a glorious past.
Like the Vakil bazaar , the Yazd bazaar is home to a branch office of the former Royal Bank. There is no complete information , however , as to when or who established the bank branch office.

During the past years , the bazaar was a major hub for trade , containing several key industries such as textiles , saddler and shoemaking. Even customers from outside Yazd frequented the emporium.
The invasion of mechanized industries however , has played down the role of some of the traditional businesses lying at the heart of the bazaar.
Since the ramparts of the “old” Yazd is located north of the bazaar , it may be concluded that the bazaar had been erected somewhere outside the town.
During the summers , the weather in the bazaar is moderate , whereas in winters it is cold. There are some inlets all over the bazaar ceiling which let in limited beams of light.

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