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A desert city reconverting commercially and industrially, as well as a historical city, which regrets never having been a national capital, Yazd commemorates by unusual monuments the importance given it by scores of scientists and scholars in the past centuries. In the industrial fields, Yazdis practice carpet weaving, silk weaving, shawl making, the manufacture of the shoes known as giveh and the making of abasor cloaks. Many are engaged in agriculture, the noblest of all employment according to the Avesta, the holy book of Zoroastrianism.

The architecture of Yazd is unique, combining a proliferation of those graceful bad-girs (wind-towers) seen in central and southern Iran: the houses are surmounted by high turrets with openings oriented toward the dominant winds; these insure the ventilation of the lower parts of the house rather like air-vents on a ship. Enormous domes starting at ground level and also surmounted by air-vents act as protective roofs for deep water-tanks six, eight or ten meters below street level, which were reached by stair-cases. Yazdis of the present Day retain their sterling qualities of old. They are strongly religious, whether their faith be Islam or the “Good Religion” of ancient Iran.

The center of Yazd is Shahid Dr Beheshti Square (former Mojahedin Square). From here to the train station in the south of Yazd, or the bus station almost next to it, is about three-km. There are a couple of places to stay within walking distance of the main square, but most of them are some distance away and in various directions. Most of the main sights can be visited on foot, but it is very probable that one may get lost in the dense network of alleys and cul-de-sacs.

Annual Temperature average:
January 7.5C
February 6.3C
March 14.8C April 17.4C
May 25.7C
June 31.4C July 33.2C
August 31.8C
September 27.6C October 18.5C
November 13.9C
December 6.6C

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