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The township of Zarand is located to the northwest of the city of Kerman. The Province of Yazd is to its northern and western limits. In the east is the township of Kerman, and to its south and west the township of Rafsanjan. Climatically, this township can be divided into two, the north with a desert like climate, and the mountainous region experiencing moderate mountainous weather.
In the 4th century A.H., Zarand was a comparatively large city with six gateways. According to historians, Kerman came under assault of the Turkman tribe in the year 583 A.H., and this led to heavy damage in this vicinity. The city of Zarand was then claimed as capital temporarily. Due to the weakening of the Saljuqi dynasty in 619 A.H., the Qarakhata’yan took over the rule for a short while in Kerman. ToDay, this township has turned into one of the mining and industrial areas of the province.

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