Zohreh River, Behbahan, Khuzestan.

Zohreh River, Behbahan, Khuzestan.
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Zohreh River, Behbahan
The Zohreh River is flown in the townships of Mamasani (Fars Province), Behbahan, Gachsaran and Mah Shahr. Its length is 490 km. and its height from the source is 2,850 m. This river originates from northwest of Ardakan, and passing a long course, enters the townships of Mamasani and Gachsaran under the name of Zohreh River.
After flowing through the township of Behbahan, it joins the Kheir Abad River, and finally at 36 km. to the southwest of Hindijan, flows into the Persian Gulf. The surrounding mountains, valleys, farms and gardens en route are wonderful and interesting.

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