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Steps involved in getting your visa:

Getting visa to Iran involves three main stages. (1): The first stage is when you apply through a authorized travel agency such as ours for your visa to Iran. This first stage requires you to fill our visa application form and submit a scan of your passport along with it. We have included questions that IFM needs to know in order to make a determination about your visa. Some of questions may seem person but unfortunately that is what IFM requires for the visa purpose. We have no choice nor role as what kind of information should be collected from the applications other than what IFM requires. A flat processing fee for this stage is collected by the travel agency such as us. This fee goes towards collecting, processing and filing your visa application by the Iran Foreign Ministry Visa Department on your behalf thought us. We will levy our sponsorship to your visa application, basically vouching for your visa applicaiton accuracy and intent which will increase the chances of you getting your visa in a timely manner.

(2): The second step of your visa application process is the secondary review period that is done at Iranian Foreign Ministry Visa Department. The length of time needed for this stage depends on the accuracy and uptodateness information provided in the first step. Also traditionally this stage takes longer for the American/British and Canadian applicant. Over all the above 2  visa processing stages can take anywhere between 1 to 4 week in most case with 10 day being an average estimate of required time. After that IFM made a positive determination about your visa. We will be notified by IFM. They will send us an reference number which is vernally called Visa Authorization Number.

(3): The last stage of the visa processing is when we send your Visa Authorization Number to you by Email. At this point you need to go to Iranian embassy of your choice in person and present your passport plus that Visa Authorization Number to the visa desk ignorer to receive your visa in our passport. Its worth noting that you will be most likely be asked by the embassy to fill one or two firms as you collect your visa. At this sage the Embassy will, based on your nationality, charge you a fee for visa collection. This fee is separate and independent from the initial visa processing fee you have paid at the beginning of your application process to us. This second charge is reciprocal embassy fee charge. Meaning the value of this fee corresponds to what your own country would have charged an Iranian national to obtain same kind of visa. So that is why some nationals may have to pay more or less than the others. You will find the Embasy fees  on one the links above.

Please note that:

1- Fill out the the visa applicaiton form on our site as accurately as possible. form. This form will provide us with basic information we need to get your visa application file ready to submit to Iranian Foreign Ministry.

2- There is a 50 USD visa application fee that we collect for processing your file. You do not have to pay for this application fee up until we actually have successfully received your visa authorization number from Iranian Foreign Ministry.

3- Please make sure you send a scan of your passport main information pages to us. Main pages are usually pages that contain your picture and personal information such as name, nationality..etc. Those passport pages will be part of your visa application file to be submitted to Iranian Foreign Ministry.

4- Although not necessary but certainly very helpful will be if you could send a rough travel itinerary. That certainly will be something that can help Iranian Foreign Ministry looks at a very positive light.

5- Some times you do not have time to go to embassy in person or you live too far away from nearest embassy. That is usually the case with the US, Canadian, Russian, Australian…applicants. In this case you can send send your passport along with your embassy visa issuance fees and of course the basic form to them embassy by registered mail. The turn around period is usually a week or less. Please take a look at the Website of the Iranian embassy in the country where you live for more updated information in this regard.


Further Information:

It is very important to understand that all and every travel agency, visa agency or any other entity that offers help with “Visa to Iran”, including PersaiTours, acts as the intermediary visa processing agency between you as an applicant and Iranian Foreign Ministry as the ultimate visa issuing authority. In oder words no entity can issue any travel permit to Iran in the form of “Visa” other than Iranian Foreign Ministry.

What we will do for you is two fold. One is that with the help of the information that submit with your Visa Application Form on our site, we present The Iranian Foreign Ministry with a sold visa application file on your behalf and our supporting position. By acting as your agent we ultimately act your travel sponsor and vouch for your travel plan by the Iranian Foreign Ministry. These factors, one being your visa application, our processing and then ultimately our sponsorship plus years of working closely with Iranian Foreign Ministry have yielded great percentage of successful visa issuance rate.

We can help you to get your 30 days general Tourist visa to Iran which is often extendable for a mother week or two on the top of the initial 30 days validity. We also can help with the transit visa if you just happen to wan to go across Iran en route your trip from any neighboring country to Iran another. There are folks who travel with their own car, van, RV, camper, motorcycle or bus which all require certain licensing and documentation to be done in order for those vehicles to enter Iran. We can help with these situations as well. There also business people who like to visit Iran pursuing business, meeting, exhibition…etc purposes. We can help with business visa for these purposes as well.

Traveling to Iran for American nationals or British and Canadians for that matter is tricky affair. IFM requires these nationals to travel to Iran only and only in a group tour. We can help with this situations as well.

What Visa / Travel Agencies can not do: Although our visa issuance success rate is about 100% but we never will promise something we can not do, as such goes for a guaranteed visa, as some might expect.

Iranian Foreign Ministry will be processing your visa application. If all the information checks out then they will go ahead with your visa approval. That said if it turns out that there are any factual discrepancies or ambiguities, then the visa process may halt until we provide Iranian Foreign Ministry with further supporting information.

Part of job is to act a a conduit of information from you to IMF. So if needs be we will be getting back to you for more information and ask for clarifications that IFM can use to finish the visa issuance process. Iranian Foreign Ministry at times decide to not issue a visa for an individual for reasons that they will not share with us. That is why its critical to apply way ahead of time to make sure we have time to avoid last minute surprises.

Historically Iranian Foreign Ministry has been reluctant to issue visa for certain nationalities such as applicants from certain african and middle easter countries. There are also rules concerning American , Canadian and British tourists that at times but not always makes the issuance of visa for them contingent up on being part of a tour group . Each case is different and handle each visa application with ultimate urgency and care to increase the change of visa issuance and avoid complications. We know how much your time is important for you. Please fell free to let us know if you have any question.

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Visa to Iran – The most frequently asked questions.

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Help Iran travel visaWhat are the secrets of getting your visa without any headache.

The secret to get your visa to Iran is to chose the right visa agency, to fill out your visa application form as accurately as possible and to apply at least a month or two ahead of your planned trip to Iran. We are always here for you, should you have any question or need any recommendations.