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Categories of visa to Iran & Multi vs. Single entry visas:

Single versus multi entry visas: first off, please remember that the current information and procedure are largely about single entry visa. That said multiple entry visa is also processed pretty much very similarly except for multi entry visa we would ned a little bit more information to adjust your application accordingly. The request for multi entry visas are quit rare but of course possible to obtain. You just need to stipulate reason why you may need the Multi Entry Visa by providing a travel itinerary that can support your application for getting your visa. Application and collection fees may vary as well.


Tourist Visa:

Easiest form of visa you can get in order to travel to Iran. Usually Iranian Foreign Ministry looks at your travel itinerary and decides how long of a visa you may need but we often try to get you a 30 days visa anyways. This is the cheapest form of visa and mostly takes about few days up to a couple weeks at the most to get one for you. There are some exceptions that may apply and that is mainly concerned with American, Canadian or UK nationals that are only going to be able to get this visa if they organize their trip   within a guided tour, Per Iranian Foreign Ministry regulations. Other than that , most every other nationality is eligible for this class of  this visa and we are pretty fast at getting this visa for you.

Journalist and Press Visa:

The basic application process is similar to tourist visa except there are other forms that needs to be filed to go along with your visa applicaiton file to IFM. Usually you are required to stipulate what news agency you work for or if you are doing an independent work such as free lancer. You be receiving a Journalist visa at the end which will allow you to conduct interviews and do research accordingly.

Work Permit visa:

Again the basic process is similar to tourist visa except your prospective employer will have to provide us with some additional information. This class of visa is very tricky.

Student Visa:

Often this class of visa is processed directly thought the school the you are planning to attend but we a can lend a hand  as well. Please take a look at the International Students Department of Major Universities such as the ones in Tehran, Shiraz or Isfahan if you are planning to come over for Higher education related purposes. The above mentioned universities also have active Farsi language departments that you can come over and take a semester or two of farsi language.

Transit visa:

There are many who just want to travel across Iran en route to another neighboring country which is often the case with travelers that start in Europe by land and want to make it to India or China. We can help you to get your transit visa. Often you need to get entry permit for your car or motorcycle as well. We can help with those permits as well.


Diplomatic, Pilgrimage, FTZ…etc visa classes. There are numerous other smaller classes of visa that you may be eligible for. Each has their own little complexities. Please do let us know if any of the above classes of visa does not fit your needs so that we can explore other venues for you.


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Visa to Iran – The most frequently asked questions.

Here is a list of most often asked questions about getting travel visa to Iran.

How long Does it take to get my visa?

What do i do first?

What documents do i need?

What are my chances?

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Do i have to sign up with a tour?

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What if i get denied?

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Help Iran travel visaWhat are the secrets of getting your visa without any headache.

The secret to get your visa to Iran is to chose the right visa agency, to fill out your visa application form as accurately as possible and to apply at least a month or two ahead of your planned trip to Iran. We are always here for you, should you have any question or need any recommendations.