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Visa Extension for your Visa. Steps involved:

Iran Visa Extensions:

In case by case process the designated local offices of Iranian Foreign Ministry across Iran are allowed to stamp an extension to your visa while you are in Iran. Let’s say you are traveling in Iran and your visa is about to expire. You then go to what is locally known as ” Daftare Atbaye Kharaje” which basically translates into ” The office of Foreign Nationals” and ask for an extension.

In order to be successful in getting extension you need to (A) present a good reason to the immigration officer as why you need to stay longer than your visa allowing you. Let’s say you liked Shiraz so much that instead of 2 days you stayed there for 10 days. Now you are short on the days that you had plans to stay in Yazd and probably are going to miss visiting somewhere else like Abyaneh too. So what you need to tell the immigration officer is exactly that. You just need to tell them that over estimated how long you wanted to stay in Shiraz and now you need another 8 days to go to see Yazd and Abyaneh.

Alternatively, as it happens very often,  even though you are on schedule you do realize that there are other places that you had not known before but you just heard about them and you would like to go check those places out. That means you need to stay longer and that is exactly what the immigration officer needs to know. You can impress your immigration officer by printing your initial itinerary and the new itinerary based on your expected extension and hand it to them. That sure will help things go in the right direction. If the immigration officer accepts to give you the extension then you be required to pay an extension fee of roughly around 10 USD. You are going to be given the address of a nearby Bank which you would go deposit the money and bring the receipt . Then you will have to fill a form and turn that along with your bak receipt to the visa office and get your extension stamped in your passport. You also need to turn in a couple passport size pictures along with your application form . So its a good idea to bring a few extra passport size pictures with you. For women its recommended to have a headscarf on in the picture.

Remember that not always you can get the extension you requested but fear not! You can always go to another visa extension office in another town and get an extension. In total you might be able to get up to 30 days extension in total.

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The secret to get your visa to Iran is to chose the right visa agency, to fill out your visa application form as accurately as possible and to apply at least a month or two ahead of your planned trip to Iran. We are always here for you, should you have any question or need any recommendations.