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.Dizin Ski Slope

When people think of Iran, they tend to think of the desert, not of ski resorts, but Dizin Ski Slope is Iran's top skiing resort. Skiing was first brought to Iran by German engineers who were building the railway in Persia in the 1930s. They were impressed by the mountains they saw. Built in 1969, Dizin Ski Slope is situated just north of Tehran in the Alborz Mountains. It is at an altitude of 8,530 feet and is one of the 40 highest ski resorts in the world (the highest ski lift here reaches 11,482 feet).

Because of its altitude, Dizin ski resort has more snow and the ski season lasts for longer than at many European ski resorts. The air is also drier than at a lot of European resorts, making for some excellent powder. There are 13 lifts which are extremely cheap by European standards and rarely have queues, except sometimes at the weekends. Most of the runs here are of a beginner or intermediate standard, though 10 per cent are advanced runs.

In addition, women are also required to keep their heads covered at all times, so visitors should remember to take headscarves with them.

It should be noted those who want a bigger selection of runs and moguls can head to the nearby resort of Shemshak. The ski resorts of Darbandsar and Aab-Ali are also close to Dizin ski resort.

Indeed,  ski season at Dizin Ski Slope lasts from December until March or April. The easiest way to get here is by coach or car from Tehran.

Dizin Ski Slope Food & Beverage options include :

Accommodation at Dizin Ski Slope consists of two hotels and 19 chalets; there are also five restaurants.

  • Hotel One's Restaurant and Coffee-Shop at altitude of 2,500m
  • Hotel Two's Restaurant and Coffee-Shop at altitude of 2,500m
  • Chaman Restaurant & Coffee-Shop at altitude of 2,650m
  • Chalet Restaurant & Coffee-Shop at altitude of 2,980m
  • Snack Bar at altitude of 2,980m

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