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Sentral persian sojourn, persiatours

Central Persian Sojourn

Central Persian Sojourn 

Tour description: There is nobody who wants to travel to Iran and miss the main highlighted attractions conveying the true meaning of Persia and culture. The Central Persian Sojourn presents the main history, meaning, stories, cultural background, and the mixture of the modern and old lives in one spot.

Duration : 12 days

Best travel time: Round the year

Type of the tour: Cultural and historical

Destinations: Tehran – Isfahan – Yazd – Kerman – Shiraz – (optional: Tehran)

Central Persian Sojourn itinerary:

Day 1: arrival in Tehran 

Sentral persian sojourn, persiatours,Golestan PalaceSentral persian sojourn, persiatoursSentral persian sojourn, persiatours, Golestan palace, persiatours

You will be welcomed by PersiTours agent as soon as you leave the customs gate and will be transferred to the booked accommodation place.

The city tour starts after a late wake up and breakfast around 11:00 or 12:00.

You will go to the central part of this big city passing through the National Archeological Museum, will visit some sections of Golestan Palace Compound covering the main highlighted ones such as Main Hall, Negarkhaneh, Emarat-e-badgir and Shamsol Emareh; following by one of the most precious and unique world museums: National Jewelry Museum (Just open from Saturdays to Tuesdays – 14:00 to 16:30).

Overnight Tehran

Day 2: Tehran excursion

You will have a more relaxing breakfast today and will set off toward Sa’adabad Palace in the north of Tehran. Continue to the 4th tallest Middle East Tower, Milad Tower, and then enjoy the panoramic tour past the old Tehran Grand Bazaar.

Overnight Tehran

Day 3: Drive to Isfahan (448 km)

Sentral persian sojourn, persiatours,Khaju Bridge, IsfahanSentral persian sojourn, persiatours,Aliqapo, Imam square, Naghshe jahan square, Iran classic packageSentral persian sojourn, persiatours

Say goodbye to the capital although we may have chance for another quick return.

Start the first-day road journey to one of the main cities of Iran Tourism World, Isfahan. Isfahan is centrally located and offers the flavors of both art and history because of its iconic UNESCO World Heritage and handmade arts which appears to have been lifted straight from the pages of the fairytale. After lunch, your excursion should be started by wandering through the charming Armenian part of the city called Jolfa mainly because of Vank Cathedral and discover the Jame Mosque before earlier night rest.

Overnight Isfahan

Day 4: Isfahan excursion

Today you will be wondered by the originality of Naqshe Jahan Square as the UNESCO world heritage and distinctive culture and architecture throughout the Imam and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosques around the square. Continue full day city tour with Ali Qapu Palace, Chehel Sotoun Palace, and great grand Bazaar around the square.

At the end of the Isfahan city tour, you experience the night walking to the romantic bridges of Isfahan.

Overnight Isfahan

Day 5: Drive to Yazd (311 km)

Sentral persian sojourn, persiatours ,YazdSentral persian sojourn, persiatours,Yazd, Amir ChakhmaghSentral persian sojourn, persiatours

Your way to Yazd is somehow short, but there are beautiful attractions en route to stop. First stop is in Naein town to visit Friday Mosque. Secondly, you stop in Meybod city where you will find the icehouse, Caravanserai, and Naryn Castle. You reach to Yazd around evening. So there is still enough time to visit Pahlavani Iranian traditional sport in Zourkhaneh (power-house) to become acquainted with one of the most unique places of sport.

Overnight Yazd

Day 6:  Yazd full day excursion

In the morning, you first get full of energy to start with Tower of Silence or Dakhmeh. The city excursion in Yazd continues with walking through the narrow old alleys to see the old houses and windcatchers (badgirs), the bazaar, and Amir Chakhmaq Complex. Visit the Zoroastrian Fire Temple and Water Museum with interesting explanations about old aqueduct construction. Before night sleep, you will have to gain Dowlatabad Garden and dinner in a traditional restaurant.

Overnight Yazd

Day 7: Drive to Kerman (370 km)

Sentral persian sojourn, persiatours,Kerman-Shazde-GardenSentral persian sojourn, persiatours, BazzarSentral persian sojourn, persiatours,Kerman-Bazaar

Continue the interesting routes to the city of Kerman. Leaving Yazd toward Kerman, we stop for one of the journey’s especial delights en route, Zein-o-din Caravanserai. The Caravanserai dates back to the 16th century and is located on Silk Road; however, it is renewed and is active as the accommodation place of many tourists throughout the year.  When you reach Kerman and check in the hotel, you will have a half-day tour to the ancient part of the city and Ganjali Khan Complex composed of a school, a bathhouse, a square, a mint, a caravanserai, a mosque, an Ab Anbar and a bazaar.

Overnight Kerman

Day 8: Full day excursion

There is a lot to see and you can choose your alternative to spend time in the nearby cities of Mahan and Rayen or have the excursion to Shahdad Desert as well, it is an open option. You will drive back to Kerman for overnight.

Overnight Kerman

Day 9: Drive to Shiraz (566 km)

Sentral persian sojourn, persiatours,Tomb of SaadiSentral persian sojourn, persiatours, PersepolisSentral persian sojourn, persiatours, Eram garden

Today you are going to travel to the city renowned for its historic architecture, art and poem, and very hospital people. It is a long driving day, so we break the road to UNESCO world heritage of Sassanid Castle in Sarvestan as well as Salt Lake in Maharlou Village.

There is an optional excursion to the rock Village of Meymand but from another route.

Overnight Shiraz

Day 10: Shiraz full day city tour

Experience the excellence of Nasir-ol- molk Mosque (Pink Mosque), Narenjestan Traditional House, Zinat ol Molk House in the morning and after lunch you continue this sophisticated itinerary with Arg of Karim Khan (Arg-e karim Khan) toward rich majestic Vakil Bazaar and Saraye Moshir. You wander through nearby streets and taste one of the city’s especial delights; Falooda.

Have a romantic ending of the day to the tomb of the Persian poet Hafiz (Hafez).

Overnight Shiraz

Day 11: Excursion to Persepolis

This will be a very special day not only because of enchanting by the eminence of Persepolis but also due to going to the depth of Persian Culture. You will end it by visiting Necropolis and drive back to Shiraz. Evening excursion to Qur’an Historic Gate and read Persian poetry of Grand Saadi Shirazi.

Overnight Shiraz  

Day 12: For this day of the Central Persian Sojourn tour, there are three alternatives that you can choose based on what fits in better.

  • Farwell and leave Iran through the city of Shiraz
  • Take the domestic flight to Tehran and visit more in Capital before your outbound flight
  • Have one more day excursion to outside Shiraz (Bishapour or Firuzabad) and take the domestic flight to Tehran and leave Iran through Tehran

Overnight: Shiraz or Tehran

Day 13: Transfer to the international Airport

You will be transferred to Shiraz or IKA International Airport privately for return flight

Suggestion > This saves time and money if you enter and depart from two different cities such as Tehran and Shiraz.

Note> The order of visits can be changed, and the package can be shortened or extended based on your travel dates.

Note  > it is supposed that most of the outbound flights land in the early morning in Iran. The final itinerary will be booked based on your starting and ending travel dates.

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