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The historical Bam Castle, in an altitude of 1000 m, is a half-dead, half-living town 195 km to the southeast of Kerman. Bam Castle was a famous castle and a strategic stronghold, it was on a huge rock mass at the northeast of the living town. It was located in the red clay city  of the Great Iranian Desert, Dasht-e Kavir. Locally, its name is is called "Arge Bam" meaning Bam castle, 300 m long and 200 m wide, consisting of two parts. It is similar to a large medieval European castle, except that the material. It is not stone but brick. The castle was surround by a more than three-kilometer long crenelated wall and dozens of towers for the defense of the town. The walls around Bam castle are still intact and even today there is no way of entering it except through the small gate house at the south.

You can review UNESCO's post about Arg-e Bam.

Rayen Castle:

Rayen Castle is a historical site situated in the south-west of Rayen city and is considered the biggest earthen structure of Kerman province after Bam castle which was destroyed in an earthquake a few years ago. The monument dates back to the Sassanid era and covers a 20,000-square-meter area, remaining a symbol of the residential fortresses during the ancient times. Just like other fortresses, it consists of the public quarter and the aristocratic zone. The essential sectors such as Zoor khaneh (gymnasium for a traditional Persian sport), mosque, and stable can be seen in the citadel. Adobe is the main material used in its construction.

Last year the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Iran (ICHTO) announced the introduction of the citadel as part of its main programs. Since then, the citadel is gradually changing to a tourism destination.

Right now a model of Bam castle with a size of 10x10 square meters is being created. by one of the famous Kerman sculptors in one of the storehouses of Rayen castle. The aristocratic area of the citadel is under restoration and is not yet open to public visits. Two ancient industries practiced in Rayen city, weaponry and knife-making. They are due to be revived there by establishing workshops in the area of Rayen Citadel. Setting up a traditional tea house near the citadel is one of the other programs for its tourism development. The hotel and restaurant which were built last year have started working and are ready to host tourists.

Natural and historical attractions of Rayen area are not just limited to the ancient citadel. Rayen, located on the foothills of Hezar Mountains and a beautiful waterfall, enjoys a favorable climate in Kerman province. The mountain with a height of 4465 meters is the highest mountain in Kerman province and the forth of Iran. Caraway, which is a famous seed of Kerman province, grows wild in these mountains.

Local residents believe that Rayen forces won in wars due to the quality of their handmade weaponry produced by locals.

It is believed that Rayen Citadel dates back to the Sassanid era. Athough what is remained today belongs to the Islamic period constructions, mainly Safavid era and afterwards.

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