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Firuzabad Tour

Firuzabad excursion in one day

Firuz-Abad or Gor Located 112 km in the south of Shiraz on the Zagros mountain ranges, is the place of ruins of Ardashiraz-e Babakan as one of the Sassanid palaces with amazing nature. 

Qashqai tribe:

Qashqai is one of the main tribes in the southwest part of Iran and mainly in Fars province. They influenced power and controlling the main parts of Iran for a few decades until the Pahlavi dynasty started accelerating the process of modernism and centralizing power. They use to immigrate with their family and cattle from place to place for the gazing animals. spring from a warm place in the south of Fars province like Firuzabad to spend in the north of Fars and south part of Kohkiloyeh and Boyer Ahmad province and return at the beginning of autumn when the grass starts growing in the South.

Firuzabad Tour, persiatours

They use to live in Black tents near their animals. Due to the climate changes, droughts, increasing the size of preservation areas, and changing the lifestyle, they have to settle down in the villages or cities. Also, they move their cattle by lories so it not easy to see the traditional way of immigrations nowadays.

firuzabd tour, qashqai tribe

Firuzabad Tour itinerary:

Leave Shiraz hotel toward Firuzabad, visit the place ruins of Gor city and Sassanid palace, Fire temple, and Grave Historical Tower, eat lunch, and then drive back to Shiraz. It is possible to stay in Firuzabad and continue your way to the south of Iran if you have any intention in that way.

You can visit them in their black tents if you are in late autumn or wintertime in the Firuzabad area. it would be arranged with the Firuzabad tour package. Even you can spend overnight in their tent. They are very welcome people to the hosts even total strangers. They use to make their own food from their animals and herbals also viewing different types of rugs like Kilim, Jajim, or Gabbeh.

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