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Khojir National Park Tour

Khojir National park tour

Khojir National park with an area of 100,13 hectares stands at East side of Tehran, near another famous national park which is Sorkhe Hesar. Khojir national park is one of the oldest protected areas in Iran since 1983 and has been always among the most visited ones especially due to vicinity to the capital, Tehran. It is greatly considerable in terms of biodiversity and ecological values.

Birdwatching in Khojir :

  The major portion of this territory is a base for immigrant birds during winter. Access to this park can be gained from the Khojir and Qasr-e-Firoozeh Roads. This is a genuinely a nice option for eco lovers, bird watchers, and fans of animals and nature and is also considered as one-day eco/ wildlife photography tour.

Eco system :

  • A host to animals like leopard, striped hyena, goats, sheep, red fox, wild boar, wild cat, Pallas cat, gray wolf, jackal, and badger.
  • A host to different types of snakes like horned viper, viper, leopard, fire, worm snake, Susan snake, worm, Malpolon Monspessulanus.
  • A host to other reptiles like the desert monitor and spur-thighed tortoise.
  • A host to bird’s species like partridge, lapwing, Eurasian teal.
  • A host to a variety of prey birds such as slab, eagles, and Common buzzard live in this area.
  • A host to considerable plant attractions.

Note > It is better to apply at least one month prior to the travel dates because getting the official permission is needed for the protected area.

Khojir National park Tour itinerary:

Early breakfast at one Tehran hotel and then the tour starts with the suitable 4-wheel car and eco-tour guide or ITC agent. Your key birds, animals, or attractions are better to be mentioned beforehand to benefit the maximum of your time. It is 45 kilometers but takes longer to drive.

A full day excursion to wildlife and drive back to Tehran/ IKA International Airport / Qom. Or Overnight in hotel  when You have time due to the Flight back time

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