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Maranjab Desert Tour

One day excursion to Maranjab Desert

Kashan is a small city just 3 hours south of Tehran and 3 hours north of Isfahan (located between these two), so there is a high possibility to visit this very nice small city by the Maranjab Desert Tour. But besides the city itself, there is a big chance to experience desert such some kilometers far from Kashan. Around 60km far from Kashan, you can drive by 4-wheel car to the desert, visit the magnificence of the desert, Camel riding, caravanserai, have a safari in the salt lake, and dunes, and then drive back to Kashan.

Maranjab Desert Tour itinerary:

There is an option of half-day or full-day desert excursion, so you will be transferred to the desert and then drive back to Kashan.

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