Solo Travel in Iran

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Although traveling with friends/family is more fun, you cannot wait till everyone’s plan arranged in a way they can join you for a trip. So, what’s the solution? Time flies and don’t wait for us, it’s time to get planning and get traveling solo!

Iran is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations, hosts nineteen UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and boasts beautiful landscapes stretching from dense rain forests to snow capped mountains to desert basins, hospitable people, delicious food and historic sites... Now lets review main points about solo travel to ran.


Iran is safe, accessible and totally easy to navigate as a solo traveler/female traveler. Iran is a destination you must see for yourself to find about its realities.

Anna Lysakowska Karsten point of view about safety in Iran is interesting:

To me, being uncomfortable once or twice doesn’t mean that the place is dangerous. I never once felt physically threatened, unsafe, or at risk, even when I was wandering the streets of Iran. I felt safer in Iran than if I was walking around in NYC. Even the tap water was safe in Iran!

Will Hatton has an interesting quote about safety in Ira as a solo traveler:

Absolutely. Despite its bad reputation in the international political arena, Iran / Tehran is an incredibly safe place for solo travelers. The Iranian people are friendly and hospitable and the firm rule of law ensures even more peace, serenity and order than most western countries. Iran is a hell of a lot safer than London that’s for sure.

or where Kamila Napora pointed out that:

For the whole time I’ve spent there I didn’t encounter even one situation when I would have felt in danger or even uncomfortable. Unlike other countries that are top tourist destinations but can be challenging for solo women Iran was completely safe!

Accommodation & Transportation:

No matter female or male; traveling around Iran is safe and easy. You can always take a bus or taxi without a problem.

Also, accommodation in Iran is easy to find. Depending on the city you are, different ranges of hotels and guest house are available. But in the peak seasons it’s better to do reservations in advance as hotels become totally booked.

You can always book all your tickets (bus, train, plane or ferry) and your hotels at

Dress Code I Iran:

As Iran is an Islamic country, having hejab for women is a rule. Manteau and a scarf are used for women and girls to cover body and hair. With a little search on web you can see girls dress code in street is not what you really think about hijab! Colorful scarfs and fashionable manteaus are used in daily life. As a tourist, rules are easier and dress code is more relaxed and open.

Just keep in mind that women dress code in big cities like Tehran and Shiraz are different from small cities and villages. While in the prior you can be more fashionable and colorful, in the later you should be more conservative.

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