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Yazd daily tour, Chak Chak

Yazd daily tour

Excursion to Kharanaq (Kharānaq), Meybod, and Chack Chak

This Yazd daily tour is recommended to Yazd travelers when you will find extra time to visit the nearby cities and attractions outside the city of Yazd. Kharanaq and Meybod are located in two different directions but are possible to visit. If you stay overnight in Kharanaq, then don't miss the sunset or sunset time at the caravanserai roof , specially sunrise.

If you are fast- speed travelers, it is also possible to add Chak Chak Zoroastrian Temple beside them.

Yazd daily tour itinerary:

You will start The yazd daily tour from one of the Yazd hotels toward 70 km north of Yazd (if you stay in Zein-o-din Caravanserai, it takes longer because it is farther). The village of Kharanaq is a deserted mudbrick one that emerged over 1000 years ago. What remained is a Qajar-era mosque, a cylindrical shaking minaret, and Aquaduct, and a caravanserai which uses as a hotel. Kharanaq is the last step to the desert and dunes.It is better if a guide accompanies you to navigate the safe pathway to the highlights. On the other side (more than 1-hour drive), you will visit Meybod as a mudbrick town which dates back to 1800 years ago. Of the several interesting remained sites are the ancient fortress of town, icehouse, and caravanserai. You will be transferred to your next place.

Note > For the Chak Chak visit you need to do few minutes hundreds of stairs in the domain of temple-mountain . It does worth it. Which is one of the most sacred Zoroastrian temples in Iran and attract many Zoroastrians pilgrims every year from around the word ( specially from India) in summertime for their special rituals .

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