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Top Destinations in Iran

Shiraz, Iran, Shiraz is great, Hafiz, Saadi


Shiraz is the cultural capital of Iran. The city is the culmination of art. From ancient to modern, the city has been embraced by a number of World Heritage Sites. Shiraz is a must-see. During the Zand dynasty Shiraz has been the capital. The direct result has been the many different attractions created during the […]

Isfahan, Naqsh-e Jahan, Iran


Isfahan is half the world, says the literal translations of a famous Persian proverb. Isfahan has been the capital for, most famously, the Safavid dynasty. During the period the city cherished with art. There are many different attractions to visit in the city which are important both historically and artistically. Lets begin with the staggering […]



Yazd is the gem of the desert. Being the Zoroastrian capital of Persia, the city has taught itself how to dwell in a hot and dry weather. The architecture of the city is unique. The first thing that will most probably cath your attention would be the traditional architecture of the city. The very warm […]

Tehran, Iran, Milad Tower


Tehran is one of the largest cosmopolitans of the world. With over 12 million people commuting in the Iranian capital on a daily basis, the city is a blend of many different cultures. Although, the best thing about Tehran is the many great museums it holds in itself. If you like visiting gargantuan cities, make […]

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